The TDS Team

In 2013, we started TDS India to provide competitively priced, high-quality parts to the rapidly growing technology sector India. TDS Global was formed to simplify the procurement process for our clients worldwide. As we looked towards India, we saw an opportunity to build our expertise inside the country. We felt that if we leveraged TDS Global’s 25-year market experience with TDS India’s local expertise, we could really provide a great service allowing our customers to focus on their core business goals. All the while, TDS India would provide a hassle-free service, truly simplifying the procurement process from beginning to end. So, the past five years in India, we continue to build and improve just such a service. We continue to build our product database and sources in over 40 countries worldwide. We are working hard establishing strong local partners all for the sole purpose to provide exceptional service to our customers. Our dream is to continue to build strong partnerships with our customers in expanding exceptional service throughout India.