Social Responsibility

Social & Environmental Management System (S&EMS)Compliance and Social Responsibility

Established in 1994, Trade Development Strategies Inc. (TDS) is a leading supplier of IT solutions to OEM’s, maintenance providers, resellers and brokers.  TDS is truly a global supplier with business in over twenty countries covering North America, Latin America as well as Asia.

Trade Development Strategies fully complies with federally established social responsibility policies, such as nondiscrimination, child labor and minimum wage requirements. TDS ensures workers are treated with respect and dignity in a safe and healthy workplace.

TDS has developed and maintains a Social and Environmental Management System (S&EMS) that reflects the principles of IBM’s Supplier Code of Conduct Principles.   Our goal is to promote and maintain social and environmental practices throughout our business and community.

S&EMS Goals and Objectives:

1. Establish programs (within the management system) to control operations that intersect with these matters and confirm compliance with applicable law, regulation and any particular contractual requirements.

TDS is in compliance with laws, regulations and contractual requirements, and our S&EMS Management Team performs reviews. We have written procedures to ensure social and environmental compliance with all laws.

2. Measure performance associated with significant environmental aspects where applicable and these common business aspects:
  • Energy Conservation
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Waste Management

TDS energy conservation plan includes:

  • All new IT procurements for office use are Energy Star compliant
  • Control direct sun through windows, during cooling season, block direct heat gain from the sun with solar blinds.
  • Use fans to maintain comfortable temperature, humidity and air movement, and save energy year round.
  • Turn off lights (and other equipment) when not in use.
  • Replacement of incandescent light bulbs with ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), wherever appropriate.
  • Adjust lighting to your actual needs; use free “daylight” during the day.
  • Machines are powered down after use where possible.

Waste Management& Recycling Practices

  • TDS participates in a building wide recycling program
  • Recycling programs are in place for paper, cans, and ink cartridges.
  • TDS purchases paper with recycled content.
  • Packaging – reuse all material that is possible.
  • Efficient packaging programs in place

3. Goals are set to achieve positive results associated with significant aspects where applicable and include at a minimum one in each of the three aspects:
  • Energy Conservation
  • Scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions
  • Waste Management

Energy Conservation Goals:

  • TDS aims to continue 100% procurement of Energy Star desktops, laptops and LCD Monitors
  • TDS aims to reduce energy consumption by 10% with energy measures by end of 2014.
  • Our goal is to reduce paper usage by 10% by December of 2014 and recycle 100% of paper and ink cartridges
  • TDS will slowly move to a cloud based system reducing server power usage.

4. Public disclosures of results associated with these voluntary environmental goals and other environmental aspects from the management system, including any regulatory fines or penalties that may have occurred.

No regulatory fines or penalties have been incurred, but if we incur any, they will be publicly disclosed on our website.

5. Employee training for those responsible for performing this work

TDS raises employee awareness of our program and goals, while encouraging employees to become involved and offer their input on ways we can improve our S&EMS plan. Training information is shared via our Training Documents.

6. Self-assessments, audits, and management reviews.

TDS will form a committee and will meet on a quarterly basis.  The committee will review current EMS goals as well as need to any adjustments.   New goals will also be discussed and added where relevant.

7. Requirements are cascaded to our own suppliers that perform work that is material to the products, parts and/or services being supplied to IBM.

TDS will share a letter to our core suppliers about our initiatives and code of conduct and ask that our suppliers become compliant.

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